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  • Melody K

Autism awareness is every day (Blog Post)

April is autism awareness month. Every day I am personally aware of autism. I have two boys that have been diagnosed with autism. They were diagnosed at the age of two and three. That was many years ago.

Living with autism is not easy, and anyone who has raised or raising children on the spectrum know the difficulties. It can be a scary thing when a parent is presented with the diagnoses of autism.

There is so much information out on the web these days it can be hard to find that one that can be relatable. For me, what I love reading are articles from actual parents that have a child with the diagnoses of autism that have been through it.

If you are just presented with the diagnosis of autism check out these great articles:

"So You Got an Autism Diagnosis. Now what?"

Being an autism parent is hard. The days can be filled with many emotions, frustrations, meltdowns, happiness, laughter, mood swings, anger, and that could all be within 5 minutes. It can be exhausting, and patience does run thin.

If you ever wonder what can you do to help an autism mom. Wise words from a friends Facebook post, Cleverly Catheryn, "Reach out by running errands for them, bring them coffee, give them something to pamper themselves, cook a meal, other words just be there for them."

Autism awareness is every day.


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