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  • Melody K

Autism Society Inland Empire presents autism day at the Cove Review

Autism Society Inland Empire presents autism day at the Cove in Jurupa Valley.

Now we have never been to The Cove waterpark. I never really thought about going I just figured it was another massive waterpark and it would be overwhelming for my boys. When I read about Autism Day at the Cove Waterpark, I had to sign us right away and hope for the best.

I was more than excited to have this opportunity to find out what the Cove had to offer with other autism families.

To my surprise, this waterpark was perfect.

I just can't believe we have never attended this waterpark before.

When the day came, I was a little apprehensive, and I wasn't sure if we should even go. Though the tickets were bought and adventure awaited us.

When we arrived, we saw other autism families in line waiting to go in.

The kids became excited, and all doubts left my mind.

We had to wait in line for a bit, and honestly, all the kids did great.

When we got inside my children's faces lit up with excitement.

They wanted to run and play right away. The boys didn't want to wait as we search for a place to put our belongings. We found a table and ran into some friends even.

We were now set to enjoy the waterpark.

The boys loved it! They had a blast, and ran around, swam, played, ate lunch and did not want to stop.

It was a perfect day, and the weather was beautiful.

The boys were exhausted and still did not want to leave.

They are looking forward to when they can go back and enjoy The Cove Waterpark. A big thank you goes out to The Autism Society Inland Empire and The Cove Waterpark for hosting a fantastic event for Autism.


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