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Bare Bones Launches Instant Beverage Beef Bone Broth: Review

Innovative bone broth with highest quality nutritional value, anytime convenience and simply the best taste

When I was asked to share about Bare Bones Instant Beverage Beef Bone Broth, I was excited. I am always on the look out to try new things that are nutrition, taste good and without sugar. With the new year ahead and my mindset on getting healthy and getting back to the gym, I've been slacking, I knew I had to try Bone Broth Instant Beverage Mix.

It was amazingly delcious. I made some hot water, poured the pack in and stirred. Easy as 123 and I have a cup of protein and hydration my body needs and taste great.

Being "older" and having two young autistic kids, it's not always easy to stay on the healthy track. "Bone Broth Instant Beverage Mix contains the building blocks of life, loaded with proteins that combat inflammation; boost immunity; strengthen bones; improve hair, skin and nails; and soothe a host of digestive issues."

That statement alone is exciting for me.

Make it your New Years resolution, or maybe you already have made it, to get healthy. Why not take it one step further and include Bare Bones with that resolution. I know I am.

Check out all the products they have to offer on their website.

Bare Bones, a pioneer in the booming bone broth space, continues to lead one of the hottest health-food trends with the launch of a brand-new line of Bone Broth Instant Beverage Mix

This new evolution in bone broth is designed for those who demand the highest quality nutrition with the best taste, and anytime convenience. The quick and easy mix provides the same sippable, delicious, nutrient-dense bone broth in an easy-to-use instant beverage mix that delivers the protein and hydration your body needs with none of the sugar.

Bare Bones broth is never boiled, it simmers for 24-48 hours to retain all of its nutritional value and gently extracts and protects ingredients essential to life - collagen, protein and amino acids. The collagen that is extracted when animal bones simmer in water for hours (or days) contains the building blocks of life, loaded with proteins that combat inflammation; boost immunity; strengthen bones; improve hair, skin and nails; and soothe a host of digestive issues.

Bare Bones uses the highest quality ingredients, sourcing bones from humanely-raised grass-fed beef, pasture raised chicken and turkey and using fresh organic veggies and spices. Crafted with classic stock-making techniques, Bare Bones offers a balanced and versatile, ready-to-use liquid bone broth for sipping and cooking, among the variety of protein and collagen enriched products. The new instant beverage mix is the result of the company's relentless commitment to providing delicious and nutrient-dense food, with maximum convenience in mind.  

“We transformed the essence of traditional bone broth into a quick and easy, chef-designed, collagen rich mix that can be sipped as a beverage or used as a soup base,” shared Ryan Harvey, Co-Founder of Bare Bones. “It’s part ingredient, part beverage and complete on-the-go souperfood.”

Each individual serving is Non-GMO, Keto and paleo-friendly, packed with 5g of collagen and 10g of protein and has no added hormones, antibiotics, preservatives or artificial ingredients. To experience the full benefits of bone broth, it is recommended to rip, mix and sip into health with 3 servings per week for at least 30 days.  

The all-new Instant Bone Broth Mix is available on and in select retailers nationwide, including Whole Foods Market and Costco Wholesale. The sugar-free, gluten-free, dairy-free and soy-free individual mix packets are available now and will retail online for $24.99 starting November 29 in packs of 16. 

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Founded in 2013 by husband-and-wife duo Ryan and Katherine Harvey, Bare Bones is a San Diego-based nutrition company offering a full menu of protein-infused products including ready-to-use bone broth, collagen protein powder and instant bone broth beverage mixes. As the leading innovator in the bone broth space, the company has provided wellness seekers convenient, quality protein and collagen enriched products that deliver the essential nutrients and hydration for the body, with no added sugars. 

For more information, including available products and nationwide retailers, visit

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