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  • Melody K

Become a Math Wizard with OSMO

I am excited to share Osmo's new Math Wizard and the Magical Workshop in their math series.

We have an Osmo, and it has been so much fun for my boy playing and learning with each learning kit.

When we received the Math Wizard and the Magical Workshop, we were so excited we opened the box and had to set it up and play at that moment.

I decided to take Osmo outside and play on the patio table. It was such a beautiful day. Though I was a bit concerned, my little guy would not want to sit down. He loves the outside and his trampoline.

As we got outside, he sat at the table and was anxious to set it up. Patience is not a strong suit for my autistic child, but he sat quietly until Osmo, the Math Wizard, and the Magical Workshop was downloaded.

If you haven't heard about Osmo you may be thinking, what is Osmo?

Per their website:

"Osmo is a unique gaming accessory that will change the way your child plays. Osmo is designed with reflective artificial intelligence, a groundbreaking technology that bridges the real and digital worlds.

The suite of Osmo games include apps that feature drawing, literacy, physics puzzles, spatial reasoning, coding, and more. Each one offers an "augmented reality" experience where mobile apps bring real-world accessories to life.

The basic Osmo system contains a base for your mobile device to sit in and a reflective mirror that attaches to the camera. The reflector adjusts the optics so that the camera is essentially recording the table area in front of the device, which enables the Osmo apps can "see" the objects placed there."

Math Wizard and the Magical Workshop is one of the new games on Osmo's Math Series. We were so excited to try it out and have fun with it. It focuses on teaching kids 6-8 years of age.

My little guy is over eight years old though being autistic, he is a little behind. Osmo has been great for him.

Like I mentioned we love Osmo, and I love how it is a learn through hands-on play, which keeps my boy engaged,

Osmo Math Wizard gives my boy the ability to learn and become a "Math Wizard" he was so excited.

Math wizard:

Learn Through Hands-On Play

Self-Paced Adventure

Self- guided learning

Builds math confidence

Rewards along the way

Healthy screen time

Your child will learn:

Addition and subtraction within 120

Counting and place value

Comparing numbers

word problems

Check out all the games Osmo has to offer.

Note: An Osmo base is required to play the Osmo games. An Ipad or fire tablet is needed as well as an internet connection.


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