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  • Melody K

Ceviche Recipe made with MEATS2U tilapia

There's just something about tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, mixed with lemon juice and hot sauce I can't get enough of. During the summer months, when we use to go to the river  I would always slice cucumbers and tomatoes, soak them in lemon juice, hot sauce, with some salt, and I was a happy camper.

In restaurants I will order shrimp ceviche, it's a must when we go out, which is not that often. I'm not a big fish person and normally would never eat tilapia or order it.

However, there is one place where I will buy and eat their tilapia and that's at 

What is meats2u you may be wondering?

Per their website:

"For Your Convenience and Your Health. They offer premium USDA graded Choice Angus, and Choice Grass-Fed certified organic Angus beef. Always hormone-free, steroid-free, and antibiotic-free Aged for 21 days Blast-frozen (not flash-frozen) Portions individually vacuum-sealed for convenience and freshness. "

They have so much to choose from chicken, beef, seafood, etc. and it's always hormone-free, steroid-free and antibiotic-free.

I will only get my tilapia from . though you can use whatever tilapia you want from wherever. I just choose meats2u because I have found it to be amazing and the best around.

I have a box of tilapia from meats2u, so why not make tilapia ceviche?

I know ceviche is pretty much easy peasy, and you can throw some stuff together, but I wanted to share how I make it. I think it comes out pretty good.

When it comes to cutting up the tilapia, don't defrost it completely, it's easier to cut up in pieces that way.

I have a lemon tree and a limeade tree. A what? Yes, for some reason, my lime tree pollinated with the lemon tree next to it, now I have yellow limes.

I pick a big bowl of my lemons and limeades.

I squeeze the juice out of them. You must use fresh juice when it comes to ceviche.

I put the chopped tilapia in a glass shallow dish, I use an 8 X 8 dish. it's best to put it in a shallow bowl/dish. If you don't the tilapia will get all mushy at the bottom, and no one likes mushy tilapia. Apparently, using a copper or aluminum bowl can make the fish take on a metallic taste and who wants that? 

I pour the lemon juice over the tilapia after I strain it. I  cover it and refrigerate (I usually let it sit for four-plus hours until the tilapia is a white color, it  looks opaque (not raw-ish anymore and cooked).

Next I drain the liquid. Now some people may like their ceviche juicier but right now I  drain it and set aside the juice.

I chop up the tomatoes. I only use the outside of the tomatoes, if using the inside, you will get more of a mushy ceviche. Again who wants mushy ceviche?

My son loves tomatoes and will gobble up the inside,  so no waste here.

I also chop a whole cucumber. (I usually like to use a seedless cucumber, though it really doesn't matter), and also a half of an onion and some cilantro.

I throw that all together and mix with the tilapia. 

I add salt, pepper and a few spoonfuls of taco sauce. (whatever is your favorite)

Now, if the ceviche seems a little dry for my taste I will use the juice that I drained off and set aside or I will squeeze another lemon in it.

Once everything is all mixed togther I will cover it and refrigerate for a bit so all the flavors can join together. Though I have been known to eat it as soon as I mix it.

This is how I like it. You can alter the salt, pepper, hot sauce, use fewer onions if you want. It's all about your liking. There's no wrong way, it's all up to your tastebuds.

For this recipe I used

15 lemons/limes squeezed and drained (about a cup of juice)

3 tilapia fillets diced (from

1/2 onion chopped

4 tomatoes (outside only)

1 cucumber chopped

A palm-full of cilantro chopped

salt ( Himalayan Pink Salt ), pepper, 2 spoonfulls taco sauce

Bag of chips



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