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Cheat Day Land Museum Irvine (Review)

Have you ever heard of the Cheat Land Day Museum? 

"Cheat Day Land is the celebration of food and experience.  An Immersive pop-up museum.  An experience lending its energy to the idea of treating yourself with a cheat day; because you deserve it. Your cheat day has begun at the Irvine Spectrum Center. "

I was able to attend Cheat Land Day the other day with my son. We had a blast!

I'm all about pictures and photo ops. Cheat Land Day museum did not disappoint. We had so much fun interacting and being silly.

If you have never been to a pop-up museum, you may wonder what a pop-up museum is.

As you enter the building, there is no doubt where you are. Cheat Day Land items all around.  Our time was for 11 am. We checked in a few minutes early, it would have been earlier, but I wasn't sure where in the spectrum it was located. We came out of the parking garage and went right and walked the entire center. Now if we went to the left, it was right there.

Once we checked in by a friendly host, we had waited for others to check in before we entered.  In the lobby there were already  photo ops right there as you waited.

Once our group was ready, and our tour guy “David” introduced himself, we went to the first room.

It was the largest room of the tour. So many photo ops, this mama was thrilled. Now it wasn't video games, nor blowing up stuff on the computer as a preteen boy enjoys but my son did have fun with his mom. We took pictures, and even “David”, our tour guide would take photos for us.

My son would say, over here mom and we would take pictures. He wanted to go over here and there, and I would be saying, no over here. Eventually, we did end up, I think, in every opportunity for pictures in this first room.

The second room was small, the donut room.  The donut weights, the donut climbing wall, the donut swings and more, I can see why that room was called the donut room.

A cheat day of donuts with no calories, is my kind of donuts.

The next room was the cereal room.  Is there anything more unique than being in a big bowl of cereal? It sure brought a lot of smiles and laughs.  (Thanks goes to “David” out tour guide for the pictures)

Oh, the chocolate room was next along with the popcorn room.  It was so much fun to be silly and interact with all the photo ops. Where else can you ride or walk with a hot dog?

The best photo op was the food tower.  Now how did we climb to the top, (shh it's done with mirrors). It makes for awesome pictures.

As we left, we were treated to a cold monster coffee, yum, and Popsicles.

It was a fun morning to hang out and have fun. Afterward, we walked the Irvine Spectrum and had a great afternoon.

I asked my preteen boy what his thoughts were, he said, well mom, I give it an 8. Coming from a boy whose only interest these days is video games, that's a high rating.

Random Pics from the day:


Irvine Spectrum Center

700 Spectrum Center Dr, Irvine, CA 92618 

is an interactive pop-up museum that celebrates the connection between art and food.

Cheating Has Never Been So Much Fun!

Summer Weekday Special From now until the end of summer, tickets Monday through Wednesday are only $20. 

That’s right, Cheat Day Land is here to make your summer fun for only $20!

Cheat Day Land is an interactive pop-up museum that connects you to your physical space by creating a sensory experience in which you become part of the art. The concept of the museum comes from people who share a love for food and art and includes unique installations that offer you a chance to play and capture the moment. Cheat Day Land is a place where kids can have fun and adults can release their inner child. We welcome you with open arms… because you deserve it.

•    All tickets are $38; Children 4 and younger don't need a ticket.

•    Get our Summer Special Here

•    All guests including non-paying children must be registered upon purchasing 

•    Family pack, of 4 tickets is $132.00

•    Group pack, of 10 tickets is $290.00

•    Corporate pack of 20 tickets is $500.00

•    There are no refunds and we do not accept tickets bought from a 3rd party.

•    Ticket date exchanges are possible, follow the link on your ticket confirmation.

•    One ID must match one person in your party. 

•    Tickets must be purchased online in advance.

•    Expect a wait time if we reach the building capacity.

•    Drunk/Intoxicated and Late Show are considered NO SHOW. Therefore, Tickets are non-refundable and non-transferrable.

For more information, please visit our FAQ page. For questions regarding your tickets, please call 855-258-0719. Private Event bookings are available, please visit our website. We offer military discount, please note that your military ID is required to redeem.

Even though I was invited to review Cheat Day Land, my opinions are my own,


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