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  • Melody K

Dream Dinners Redlands Review

I can't believe that another month has gone by and I am headed to Dream Dinners in Redlands.  I look forward to this day each month.  It's a day where I get to go and assemble meals for my family.  A day I get to spend time with some fantastic people. 

 The staff at Dream Dinners is always welcoming and so friendly. It's a morning that I immensely enjoy. I grab a coffee and head on over there with a smile on my face knowing it's going to be a great morning. If I forget my coffee, they have coffee there for me.

They even have samples to try for what's on next months menu.  It's like going to a friends house once a month.

I enjoy assembling my monthly meals knowing that I will have quick, easy, and tasty meals to set on the table for my family. On those oh, so busy nights Dream Dinners are such a dream as it states in the name. "Dream Dinners"

Having two autistic boys, I don't always have the time to cook, so pizza or fast food it is. With Dream Dinners now in our life, I now have the time to have a home (semi-homemade) meals on the table.  Quick and easy and so delicious. This month was even a meal to create your own pizza, which is so much better than delivery.

One of the best things I like is that at Dream Dinners they clean up after you, yep no washing dishes.

You move from station to station assembling your meals. I find it fun and relaxing..

Have I piqued your curiosity? Do you want to know more about this beautiful gem of a place? Check them out at

Easy peasy, wham bam simple as that and you have family meals for the family for those nights that are busy or just too tired to cook.

I just made my meals today, and I am already looking forward to going back next month.

Dream Dinners



Dream Dinners

Step 1


View our monthly menu, select a session time and complete your order.

Step 2


The prep and cleanup are taken care of, so you can customize a month of meals for your family.

Step 3


Thaw 3-5 of your meals each week, cook as directed, and enjoy dinner together.

Step 4


Spend less time in the kitchen and more time doing what you love.


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