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Eureka Restaurant Irvine: A place for Family and Friends

Talk about being nervous. That was me on a Sunday afternoon on my way to meet up with the OC Blogger Tribe at Eureka restaurant in Irvine. Why be tense meeting up with other bloggers? I'm talking about butterflies in the stomach, nervous. It was our first OC Mommy Blogger Tribe meet up and I had not met one of them in person.

I've been looking for a tribe of women that share the same passion I do,blogging. Sometimes I feel so isolated living in the autism world.

The day had arrived for our first meet up. It was beautiful outside with a little bit of rain.

As nervous as I was and wanting to back out, I walked into Eureka. The hostess gave me a friendly smile and greeted me with the warmest hello. That right there eased my nervousness. She pointed me to the table where we were meeting. I approached the table where there was a group of ladies, and they greeted me with hugs and hellos.

The group was in the process of ordering drinks. I sat down and wasn't sure what to order. The handsome, kind waiter talked with me about each drink and recommended the "Love Potion." His recommendation was on point. It was delicious and so appealing to the eye, with the flower floating on top, simply gorgeous.

Love Potion

Eureka also offers Mimosa's and Bloody Mary's on their brunch menu.

Though they have many drinks to select from, they offer a full bar.

Signature Mimosa Flight

The appetizers came out and were placed on the table one by one, we tried several off the menu.

My favorite was the Mac N' Cheese Balls. I would go back to Eureka just for them.

Mac N' Cheese Balls

I can't forget about the Wings. So amazing and full of flavor.

Each appetizer was as delicious as the one before.

Next, the brunch items were placed on the table to try.

Heaven on earth! Oh, the deliciousness, how I contained myself and did not eat everything and order more, I have no clue.

Now before I post more pictures, promise you won't be licking the screen.

Like the Appetizers, these food items are to drool over.

My favorite: The Avocado Toast

The entire meet up brunch was perfect. I don't think I could have asked for a more enjoyable day, from the company, excellent ambiance of the restaurant, to the amazingly delicious food.

To think how nervous I was meeting these beautiful women, I was set at ease with the first hello. I thank them for their kindness and looking forward to building friendships with them.

I am also looking forward to going back and taking my family to experience

the mouthwatering tasty food and the outstanding service of Eurika Restaurant Irvine.

Check out their menu here: . Eureka Irvine Menu.

Follow them on Instagram and Facebook.

Address 4143 Campus Drive Irvine, CA 92612

Ph 949- 596-8881


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