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  • Melody K

Getting ready for the new school year with Morning Bird Bedding

Having two autistic boys, it's not always easy to adapt to change, and this year we find ourselves in a heap of change.

My little guy will be headed to Jr. High this new school year. How did time fly by that fast? Now, this may seem like a small change, and some butterflies in the stomach are to be expected. the autism world, it's more like buffalos in the stomach, the gut-wrenching feeling of the unknown.

We have been discussing with our little guy about a new school for months, and a new backpack, lunchpail, plus new bedding to prepare for this significant change.

My little guy is starting a brand new chapter in his life. To make the transition more comfortable for my boy and letting know he is growing up, he is picking out his backpack, lunch pail, and new sheets for his bed.

He was excited to pick out everything. Of course, the backpack and lunchpail were off a local site. Though his bedding could only come from one website.

*100% Organic Cotton Character Bedding CollectionsSuper Soft • Favorite Characters • Bright Styles • Cool Designs

Morning Bird has the cutest designs, but my little guy had no issues picking out which one he wanted. "Batman," he says in his batman's voice.

Batman, it is!

He has no clue I have a secret crush on that crime-fighting caped cursader. So when he picked the batman design, my heart skipped, and I thought, great choice, kid.

He was so excited when the package arrived from Morning Bird; that smile on his face says it all.

He raced upstairs and was so excited to make his bed. However, he wouldn't stop jumping on it long enough for me to make the bed.

When he finally settled down, I had him help me make the bed. He was so excited that he wanted to take a nap. You have to watch this cute video

Imagine he will wake up every morning ready for 7th grade in his pure organic cotton sheets that are soft and durable. He will open his eyes and be prepared to face the day. Bonus: they are designed in his favorite superhero character.

I still have those buffalos in my stomach, but knowing he's going to be ready in certain aspects, like a good night's sleep, makes my stomach buffalos feel like butterflies.

Check out, Morning Bird. they have great designs to choose from for your little one. Why now start their new school year with a brand sheet set in their favorite character. Nothing like waking up with a smile because you are snuggled and wrapped in your favorite sheets with your favorite character design.

Morning Bird Home not only carries sheet sets but also has

Sherpa Throws

Quilts and Shams

Knit Throws

Duvet and Shams

Pillow Buddies...

(we love our pillow buddy "Sonic")

Note: I was gifted this bedding from Morning Bird, but all opinions are my own.

Thank you, Morning Bird and The Mommy Blogger Tribe, for this collaboration.


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