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  • Melody K

Have you heard of Gunnar Eye Wear? The Blue Light Blocking Glasses. Let me tell you about them

Updated: Jan 25, 2020


Computer screens, IPad screen's, cellphone screens, everywhere you look, people are looking at some screen.

I know for myself looking at a computer too long gives me headaches. At times my vision seems strained and even blurred.

Thankfully I have come across a pair of glasses for computer wear.

I was skeptical at first about trying these new glasses that have a "blue light blocking protection and an anti-reflective lens coating for pristine visual clarity." Though how can I not want to try these glasses?

I had placed an order for the Onyx Jasper frame with the amber tint.

When the order came in, I was excited and was in anticipation and eager to put on the glasses and try them.

The Gunnar glasses passed way beyond my expectations, and honestly, it was like opening the best Christmas gift.

The Gunnar glasses are amazing!


  • High-quality acetate material

  • Lightweight construction and proper weight balance guarantee long wearing comfort without pressure points or fatigue

  • Wide format lenses create a panoramic viewing field for high-resolution viewing

  • Anti-reflective lens coating on front and back

  • Proprietary patented GUNNAR lens material and tint

  • Blocks harmful blue light and 100% UV light

  • Asian Fit Compatible

The glasses make such a huge difference as I mentioned it past my expectations.

With these fantastic glasses, the headaches aren't as frequent, the glare is down, and the difference it makes is day and night.

I may have to look into investing in another pair, though.

I have a teenager in my home who plays computer games non stop. I let him borrow the glasses for a bit to try them out and had to negotiate to get them back.

He was trying to claim them as his own, for he experienced the same thing I did. The brightness of the screen was toned down and made better screen time playing. The strain of the eyes wasn't there while using these glasses.

I am delighted and thrilled that I was able to get a pair of Gunnar glasses and let you know precisely how they are.

You can read all about the glasses below.

Valentine's Day is coming up; it's a great way to say I love you.


Featuring a Contemporary Frame Style, “Emery” is Designed to Provide Ultimate Protection Against Digital Blue Light Without Compromising Style, Look and Feel

At for a limited time, customers will receive a free limited-edition red case with purchase.

GUNNAR Optiks, the innovation leader in blue lightblocking computerand gaming eyewear,announces new “Emery”frame style. Expanding its eyewear lineup to offer contemporary and fashionable glasses, “Emery” is designed to prevent digital eye strain and providethe ultimate viewing experience when using digital devices.

Celebrating a 15th year commitment to innovation, GUNNAR created “Emery,” offering modern elegance to digital device users seeking a superior choice of blue light blocking protection. The fashionable new frame is paired with GUNNAR’s patented lens technology, blue light blocking tint and an anti-reflective lens coating for pristine visual clarity.

“As technology continues to advance, eye protection against digital devices is more important than ever.For ocular health, I urge digital device users to wear eyewear that reduces glare, limits dryness, and reflects dangerous high-energy blue light,” said Dr. Miki Zilnicki, OD at Twin Forks Optometry. “GUNNAR glasses are specially designed to protect eyes and are a critical element to an overall wellness routine."

“Emery” features a high-quality, durable acetate material and is available in five frame color options with juxtaposing temple colors,for a pop of chic modernity. The “Emery” framestyle is available with GUNNAR’s patented Amber and Clear lens options and is designed with three-barrel flexible hinges for durability, flexibility and greater range in motion. Providing a lightweight construction and proper weight balance to guarantee long wearing comfort without pressure points or fatigue.

“In its 15thyear,GUNNAR reached an important milestone marking our commitment to innovation and lens technology advancement,” said RJ Snyder, director of marketing at GUNNAR Optiks. “We created ‘Emery’ for our style conscious computer users and gamers looking for the highest quality blue light eye protection on the market.”

“Emery”(MSRP $79.99)is now available in five color combinations:Rose/Tortoise, Sage/Crystal, Crystal/Tortoise, Onyx/Jasper and Tortoise/Onyx with the patented Amber Lens (BLPF 65) and Clear Lens (BLPF 35)at For a limited time, customers receive a free limited-edition red casewith purchase.

GUNNAR’s portfolio of eyewear products includes solutions for gaming, computer, reading glasses, prescription andsunglasses.For more information on GUNNAR’s line of performance and protection eyewear, visit or follow on social media at @GUNNARoptiks. Select GUNNAR products are available at Best Buy, Game Stop and

About GUNNAR Optiks

Founded in 2006 GUNNAR Optiks®, LLC designs and engineers Gaming and Computer Eyewear to protect and enhance vision using revolutionary technology solutions. GUNNAR introduced the Technology Eyewear category in 2008 and pioneered the only patented lens technology to reduce digital eye strain and fatigue issues associated with computer use. GUNNAR is a privately-held company headquartered in California.

Note: all Images Credit: Gunnar Optiks


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