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  • Melody K

Have yourself an Elegant Picnic at the park made easy

"It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood. A beautiful day for a neighbor." We all have heard that song. However, it couldn't have been more prominent this past Saturday.

It had been raining off and on for a few days, and I had plans to attend an outdoor luncheon event with some of the mommies from the IE Mommy Blogger Tribe.

It was as if the universe knew that these mommies needed to meet up and have a wonderful afternoon.

It was our first 'in-person" event, and it couldn't have been more perfect, from the table setting to the food, to the weather, and of course, the amazing women.

Not a puddle, not a raindrop, insight nothing but sunshine and laughter.

We met at Don Largo Park in Corona. It is such a beautiful park.

We had a picnic-style lunch, which was set up by

The OC Picnic @the.ocpicnic_

"Memorable pop-up picnics for all your events •birthdays, proposals, anniversaries, & more!

Orange County, Ca - Available 20 miles from OC but able to travel to other areas for a fee."

Honestly, I just wanted to stay the whole afternoon and relax and enjoy the ambiance and the elegant table setting.

To go with such a beautiful table setting, we ate food from Lazy Dog Restaurant. One of my all-time favorite restaurants. The food from Lazy Dog is always amazing, full of flavor, and never disappoints.

The House Club sandwich was amazing,

"in-house roasted chicken breast, smoked bacon, avocado, lettuce, tomato, mayo, toasted sourdough"

The Fettuccine Alfredo parmesan chardonnay cream sauce with chicken was so delicious, and the Caesar Salad with the crunchy croutons just made the meal.

For dessert, we had cinnamon rolls and not just any everyday busted can cinnamon rolls. We had cinnamon rolls from Cinnaholic Corona. Now I found this place a while back and frequently buy cinnamon rolls from Cinnaholic Corona, for myself and/or for gifts so you could imagine my delight when I heard that Cinnaholic Corona would be hosting our dessert.

Cinnaholic Corona -"Specialize in gourmet cinnamon rolls with a variety of frostings & toppings was for dessert."

We couldn't have asked for more of a perfect afternoon.

So if you and your friends and/or family want to create a beautiful, elegant setting, reach out to The OC Picnic @the.ocpicnic_

Don't forget to check out Lazy Dog for the amazing food. @lazydogrestaurants

And stop at Cinnaholic Corona @cinnaholic.corona for dessert. They would love to see you - tell them you heard of them from the Mommy Blogger Tribe.


Until next time, Be safe, Be well stay Healthy.

In autism love - Melody


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