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How my 10 year old spent his day at the Aquarium of the Pacific plus a Giveaway

It was my youngest son's birthday, and this mom here was planning to go to a jump house place or a trampoline park. I know he loves to jump and jump, so what better place? He was turning ten years old, and I wanted to do something special.

Though, about a week before for his birthday, he kept talking about The Aquarium of the Pacific. We were just there recently and he enjoyed it so much he wanted to go back.

All I heard from him was, "We go to Aquarium?" Finally, I said, "You want to go for your birthday?" Not fully understanding that comment, he replied," We go to Aquarium Sunday!"

Ok, I said, "We will go one Sunday." He replied, "We go Aquarium, Nov 3rd!"

To my amazement he said also, "In three days!"

It's his birthday, his tenth birthday, so and I made it happen for this bright-eyed smart boy.

It was a beautiful day, a little chaotic, and I work on Sunday mornings. I rushed out of work and headed home, and the moment I walked into the house, I said, "Let's go to the Aquarium!" This boy of mine flapped, jump and squealed. I even commented, Oh honey, if you jump any higher, you will hit your head on the ceiling.

We all piled in the car and headed out the closer we got to the Aquarium of the Pacific; his excitement became more prominent with sounds of excitement.

Though he was not a happy camper, when we decided to go to lunch first, but we were all hungry.  His disappointed eased up a bit, seeing the Aquarium from across the street from where we were eating.

I was excited to explore all the Aquarium of the Pacific had to offer. But, the birthday boy had his own ideas, he went from one fish tank to another to another.

I was able to get him outside, and I thought he would enjoy touching hands-on. My idea did not work out as planned. I told him only two fingers to touch, as the rules stated. His two little fingers went down into the water, and then I saw his whole hand open up, I grabbed his arm and water flung all over. He does not understand why he can't hold them.

I guided him to the shark tank, where he just looked in the tank and was memorized.  I had a feeling he was visualizing swimming with them.

At one point, he took off running outside from being overstimulated and pure excitement. We all darted after him.The stroller was left, went rolling and took a crash into a pole. Thank goodness for kind people that helped us.

Now moving on, this was his day, and I was letting him guide us in the direction he wanted, but a little help from mom. He was moving fast; luckily, I found a sizeable elastic band on the floor. I put it around his waist - he felt he had the freedom, but I still had control. I followed close behind, and I was exhausted, he was looking at everything and darting here and there.

We came upon the penguins. My boy stopped for a moment, and thank goodness that gave me a break. We watched as it was feeding time. It was the cutest thing to watch the little penguins get fed. They were given a fish and would waddle back in the water. They moved quickly before another penguin came along and tried to take that fish.  We laughed so hard at these adorable penguins.

Next was the stingray tank, again a reminder two fingers to touch. My little guy holds up two fingers. Yes,  honey, that is right. As he lowers them into the large tank, he touches the waters and swings his arm up, and before I can move fast enough, he sucks on his fingers.

What! Wait! What just happened! Let's rinse your mouth out now!

There is never a dull moment with this boy.

He was having a great time looking at all the fish; he would sit by the tanks and watch, flap, lay down, stretch out, and relax for the most of his time at the Aquarium.   

I know he was thinking I'm going to get in there one day.

Maybe getting so close-lying next to the tanks he felt he was.

It was his birthday, and it was how he wanted to spend it. If lying next to the fish tanks is what he wanted, that's what he did.

My oldest boy was not thrilled, just waiting around. We did end up in the gift shop, that place is fantastic, so many things to shop for yourself or kids. Since it was little man's birthday, I said, go ahead, and pick something out, my older one did. The birthday boy refused. All he wanted to do was go by the fish tanks. 

We were exhausted, my little guy did not want to leave, I promised he would go back one day. Little did I know he would say, "We go to the Aquarium Saturday, Nov 9th!"

That I am not sure about at this time,  what I am sure about is looking into a membership. I believe we have many visits to the Aquarium in the future.

Thank you to the Aquarium of the Pacific for giving this boy a special birthday filled with fishes. We are so grateful for such a beautiful place we can go and enjoy ourselves with our autistic boys.

100 Aquarium Way, Long Beach, CA 90802

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