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  • Melody K

It's Fall at Tanaka Farms - Creating memories at the 2020 Pumpkin Farm

It's Fall. At least that is what the calendar says. As I sit and write this, it is 109 degrees where I am. What I wouldn't give to be where the weather is crisp, and the leaves are changing colors, but California doesn't have such seasons. I guess that's why they call it "Sunny California."

There is one place I can go to and get into the Fall mood, and that is Tanaka Farms!

Beautiful - Isn't it?

I have to say I'm biased when it comes to Tanaka Farms. We have been going there for well over six years. Every tour they offer, we are there, sometimes more than once. Each time is lovely, and I love the people there. The friendliest farmers/ staff around.

This year has not been anything but regular; 2020 has brought us many challenges. Some were good, and some not so good. Many changes had to take place with businesses.

Though Tanaka Farms adapted each step of the way, making sure the farm continued, and people got to visit.

Social distancing, wearing masks, and sanitizing stations were some of the implements that the farm incorporated.

One of the best tours, even though they are all amazing, is the pumpkin tour. Changes had to be put in place to inhere the new safety guidelines.

Tanaka Farms not only offered the wagon ride tour this year, with some changes, they also provided a drive-thru experience.

I have to admit the drive-thru experience was the best for our family. Having two boys on the spectrum, one on the lower end and going through, "I don't want to wear anything but underwear these days," the farm's drive-thru was perfect for us.

We did attend both tours. Though I often caught myself saying, "Leave your shoes on," "No, leave the shirt on," and so on during the wagon tour.

Plus, my little guy is a runner, and when we are out and about, I am continually holding onto him. I am very thankful to the staff at Tanaka Farms, my son has issues wearing a mask for a period of time. One staff member looked at us and said, that's ok, as I was trying hard to get my son to wear his mask, we understand. That warmed my heart and put me at ease.

Tanaka Farms had invited us (my mommy blogger tribe) to the farm to share our experience the wagon tour, even though I knew before we even attended, it would be fantastic just as before. Sure some things had to be changed, but we still had the great time we always had in the past.

Tanaka farms limit the number of people on their wagons, which I found to be a plus for us since my little guy loves his space.

We weren't able to sample the farm's veggies as we had in the past, but we still enjoyed the wagon ride.

We rode around the farm, which I always find beautiful and serene. As we took the wagon ride, our tour guide was Tarin. He shared facts about the farm and was super friendly.


The boys enjoyed the ride through the barnyard educational exhibit with the farm animals, as my little one said, so cute.

My oldest boy loved the pumpkin cannon shoot. He is still asking me where did that pumpkin go?

We were able to get out of the wagon and pick some carrots, radishes, and cilantro. My little one had no interest in picking, but my older boy did all our picking. My little guy wanted to eat the carrots, dirt and all. He loves Tanaka farm veggies he couldn't wait to get home and eat them.

Picking a pumpkin was one of the hardest things to do that day. So many sizes, colors, and shapes, how do you choose? Also, you had to choose one that you could carry. Thankfully my boys didn't pick out big ones because mom here had to carry all of them to the car.

The Drive-thru experience was just as fun and exciting as the wagon tour.

I had bought my tickets a week before we were invited to the wagon tour. I could have canceled since I was just there. But like I mentioned, I love Tanak farms, so going twice was fine with me.

The drive-thru experience worked out perfect for my little guy. He was dressed when we left the house, but he was down to his underwear with his blanket over him before we even hit the freeway.

We entered the farm and drove slowly - As we checked in, we were given a paper for a scavenger hunt, which made the experience much more fun.

The farm is fully decorated for the fall season.

We were given treats along the way, of course, prepackaged.

We were allowed to stop at the pumpkin patch and make that tough choice of which pumpkin to pick. The car wasn't that far away this time, so carrying the pumpkins was a little easier. It was a little tricky trying to get my boy dressed to take pictures in the pumpkin patch. If I left it up to him, he would be out there posing in his underwear.

Cutest Scarecrow

We saw the animals, and we also stopped off at the Tanaka Grill to have lunch. Picnic in the car seems to be the norm for the year 2020.

We also purchased items from the gift store: kettle corn, jalapeno cheese bread, and more. Everything was delicious.

If you need to get into that mood for the fall season, check out Tanaka Farms. Right now, on my porch, I have seven pumpkins all from Tanaka Farms. All different shapes and colors which has put me in the mood for the fall season, even though the weather wants to say it's still summer.

Being at the farm is a great experience, and now they have two choices for the pumpkin patch to attend and enjoy. "Life is good at the farm."

Until next time - Happy Fall

Per Tanaka Farms site:

Open September 19th through October 31st!

Reservations are required.

2 Options this Year:

The Drive-Thru Pumpkin Farm Experience runs every Saturday and Sunday from September 19th through October 31st.

The U-Pick Pumpkin with Wagon Ride runs Monday through Friday from September 21st through October 30th.

U-Pick Pumpkin Wagon Ride

Monday thru Friday

Take a wagon ride led by one of our friendly tour guides around our beautiful 30 acre farm! Includes watching us launch the pumpkin cannon, a ride through the barnyard educational exhibit with farm animals, lots of fun stuff to look at, a scarecrow contest, sunflowers (currently growing, should be in peak bloom in late October), U-Pick veggies, and a pumpkin you pick yourself! Please note you will not exit the wagon until it is time to pick your vegetables and pumpkin. This activity lasts about one hour.

Wagons Depart Every 10 minutes!



All persons ages 3 and over ($25 per person)

2 Years and Under (FREE, but do not receive items included)

Active and Retired Military (FREE, ID required at check-in)

Drive-Thru Pumpkin Farm

Saturday & Sunday


A leisurely 1.5 mile drive around our beautiful 30-acre farm! Includes a pumpkin, samples, a barnyard educational exhibit with farm animals, lots of fun stuff to look at, a scarecrow contest, sunflowers (they are growing right now, should be in peak bloom late October), and more! This option is an in-vehicle only option. You will not be exiting your vehicle, except for one optional stop where you will pull off the path so you can pick your own pumpkin in the fields. Thank you for understanding. (Please note that there is a 9 1/2 foot vehicle height clearance.)


All persons ages 3 and over ($20 per person)

2 Years and Under (FREE, but do not receive items included)

Active and Retired Military (FREE, ID required at check-in)

For more information please check out


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