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  • Melody K

LA Cookie Convention & Sweet Show Review

The weekend of the LA Cookie Convention & Sweet Show had finally arrived.

It didn't matter if it was raining, more like pouring out, nothing was going to stop me from attending their 5th-anniversary show. The long anticipated wait was finally over.  This year I was able to attend Saturday and Sunday.  One of the main reasons I do love this show, it’s family oriented.  With or without kids a day spent at LA Cookie Convention & Sweet Show is always fantastic and fun.

On each day as I  entered the building, I  knew I was in for a delightful morning/ afternoon. The aroma in the air of yummy goodness and the atmosphere was very inviting. 

Each aisle was lined with new and past vendors. They were welcoming and ready to give out a sample of their product(s).  Out of all the events I have ever been to, LA Cookie Convention & Sweet Show has the kindest, friendliest vendors.  Everyone has a smile on their face and how could one not smile back when offered a cupcake or cookie sample?

(Just a few samples of the Day)

There were many varieties of vendors.  Not only did we sample cookies, brownies, cupcakes, but there was also beef jerky, coffee, toffee, and more.   There was an abundant amount of variety at this show. It seems like there was something for everyone’s sweet tooth including gluten-free items. 

I have to admit, being a kid at heart and loving kids, I favored the Kid Zone. My autistic boy had a great time. I took him on Sunday, and he thoroughly enjoyed himself. It was nice to get him out, away from his electronics and not have him say, I’m bored 

His favorite part of the kid zone was the bubbles. The Kid Zone included several vendors. Balloon Figures, face painting, Pancake art, princesses, superheroes and more.

 LA Cookie Convention & Sweet Show isn't just about the vendors or the Kid Zone. They also have several stages set up for presentations and demonstrations. On Saturday when I was there, Ron Ben-Israel "SWEET GENIUS" was live on the main stage.  It was very entertaining, and the audience was engaged the whole time.  

The cakes that are displayed always amaze me. They are beautifully designed, and I am in awe of the fine craftsmanship.

Todd Tei  (CEO/Founder) and his staff do a fantastic job each year. I had a moment to chat with him, though he was extremely busy making sure all things ran smoothly. I also had the privilege of meeting and spending time with his beautiful daughter. It was truly a fun event.

This show amazes me each year, and I’m looking forward to the next one.

I may have to spend a few extra hours each morning at the gym this week, but it was well worth sampling the delicious goodness that was offered.

I wouldn’t have missed this weekend for anything!


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