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  • Melody K

Legoland Holiday Experience Autism Visit

One of my goals this year was to go to Legoland California before the holiday season was over. I have mentioned many times how much I adore Christmas, and I love all that it has to offer.  I enjoy seeing all the lights, decorations, listening to Christmas music, and everything in between. 

So off we went a few days before the New Year.  Legoland Christmas was only going to be until December 31st I was thrilled we were able to go and enjoy it.

The kids were excited to go that day. We headed out early in hopes to get there when they open.

We walked around and I admired all the Christmas decorations as the kids pointed to all the rides and said this way and that way.

With all the Legoland holiday decorations it still felt like the holidays, to me.

Maybe this day was more for me than the kids.  We all had a wonderful time.  The boys enjoyed going on the rides and enjoyed walking around, looking at everything.

My youngest boy's favorite part was the Lego town.

He could sit all day and watch the Lego buildings. He did not want to leave the area.

He watched for the longest time and was not happy that we left and he kept wanting to go back.

He was as happy as his socks.

My youngest also adored the aquarium.  Again another place where he could look all day at sea life. He was fascinated by the different areas that he could go into the bubbled glass and be in the middle of the water. He was a happy overjoyed little boy.

Being a mom with 2 autistic boys on separate ends of the spectrum it's not always the easiest to find places that both boys enjoy to the fullest. 

I try to accommodate what we can for both children. I have found at this chapter in our lives Legoland in the perfect place for the combination of the needs of both my boys.

 We had a great day and looking forward to our next visit. 

Exciting news: Coming soon to Legoland 

THE LEGO® MOVIE™ WORLD for more info on that click here

My recommendations for a trip to Legoland.

1. Get there when they open. It's not as crowded and therefore the kids could get acclimated to the crowd as time goes on.

2.  Get a map, get a few, I found out that each boy enjoys having their own to look at.

3.  Check-in with Guest services for The Assisted Access pass

5. If your plans are to go to the Sea Life Aquarium, I would recommend doing that first. (It's not as crowded first thing)

6. Make sure to take headphones for sensitive ears

7. Of course, a stroller is a must in our life.

8.  Have fun, take your time and enjoy it all.


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