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  • Melody K

Let's go strawberry picking at Tanaka Farms Irvine

It was a spur of the moment that we went to Tanka Farms for Strawberry picking.

I had seen on their Facebook post that they had Strawberry picking Monday and Tuesday of this week. I was super excited due to the fact my older child had a short day Monday and I thought it would be fun. Though he was not interested in going, those teenage years have crept up, and gaming and friends are the only things on his mind.

On Wednesday morning, I saw on Facebook they extended the days to pick strawberries through Friday and the weekend. It just so happened my littlest was home from school, and so I packed us up and headed out there after dropping off my teenager at school.

Mind you; this was not for a tour around the Farm. It was only for Strawberry picking. The price is $8.00, and you walk out to the field and eat as many strawberries as you can. For an additional 6.00, you can get a container and fill it to take home.

We spent $28.00 for the two of us and we headed out to the field. The guy in the grey jacket met us. His name was Andrew. 

He was super friendly and talked to us about picking the strawberries and where.

I did most of the picking, and my little did most of the eating. 

The strawberries were the juiciest and sweetest that I have tasted in a while, probably since the last time we were at Tanaka Farms.

We filled our two-boxes, and I thought I would love to get another box for grandma. We asked about getting another box for $6.00. To my surprise, they said they didn't have enough strawberries for me to make another box or two. 

Though if I wanted to pay another $8.00 for picking strawberries plus $6.00 for a box, I could do that?

Though why pay $8.00 when we already ate strawberries and couldn't eat anymore? I was confused. The only thing I could figure out was it was only one box at $6.00 for each person that paid $8.00.

When I was told we couldn't buy another plastic box to fill, my little one and I went to the field pick a few more strawberries and ate them as we talked with Andrew.

I asked my little one when we got home, how many strawberries did you eat, he replied, all of them. Which is true, he ate all the ones I picked and gave him.  

It was muddy there and our shoes got covered in mud.

Big recommendation: if you plan to pick Strawberries, make sure you wear old shoes or take a pair to change into for the drive home.

It was a beautiful day at the Farm. Tanaka Farms has been part of lives for at least 7 years now. We enjoy it so much and highly recommend you taking their tours. Check out their website for more information for farm tours and more 



Sunday, February 2nd

$10 Strawberry Picking!

We have a lot of ripe berries, and we need your help to pick them! Be the real MVP at your gameday celebration with fresh juicy strawberries that you picked!

Head straight out to the fields to pick! $10 per person includes a one pound basket to fill and take home. (Children 2 years of age and younger are FREE but do not receive a basket.)

Every 30 minutes beginning at 10am. Last start at 2pm.


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