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  • Melody K

Make your next pool party legendary with Swimply

You probably have heard of Airbnb. But have you heard of "Swimply," the Airbnb for pools? I hadn't. I am so happy, though. I know of them now.

This past Monday I was invited to a swim party from The Mommy Blogger Tribe. It wasn't just your ordinary pool party. It was a pool party from Swimply.

From the moment we walked in, we knew it was going to be legendary.

The grounds and pool were beautiful.

There was even playground equipment, and the pool was so refreshingly inviting. Included also was a pool house with a private bath too.

My boy and I had the time of our life.

Slide show

There was music, fun, sangria, splashing, laughing, popsicles, and more. We even had lunch, which Mountain Mikes Pizza provided. Could life even be any grander than this day? I don't think so!

I came home and downloaded the Swimply app. Not only because my boy was requesting a pool party again and changed into his bathing at 11pm that night! But because the idea to rent a pool for a few hours was a great concept.

Swimply has pools located everywhere. We found one less than a 1/2 mile from us.

So before summer is over and the cooler days set in, we are booking a pool to enjoy.

Ok, it won't be for 60 people the pool Pary The Mommy Blogger Tribe had.

But it will be swimming and cooling off for my little family. Another thing that makes Swimply amazing they have pools to accommodate the size of your party.

I am seriously thinking of planning a swim party for my boy this month, his birthday is in the winter months, but the thought of having a pool party by Swimply with friends and family plus pizza from Mountain Mikes sounds like a great plan.

It's simple and easy to book. Plus .. drum roll...

I have a discount for your first booking. TRIBE20 for 20%

This offer will expire 8/31/2021 so book your pool now. Follow this link .

All you do is to book a pool is:

1) Request a pool (or two), get approved, then simply confirm. You will only be charged for the pool you confirm with. Pools with the stopwatch icon can be booked instantly.

2)Chat with host

Communicate easily and coordinate flawlessly through Swimply chat, and enjoy data privacy and user protections.

3) Dive right in

Upon confirmation, you will have access to everything you need to know, including address, access instructions, WiFi details, and more. Enjoy!

Don't forget pizza goes excellent with pool parties. Mountain Mikes's pizza would be my first choice, so make sure to order some for your party.

Escape Locally, Get booking and enjoy what's left of these hot summer days by cooling off with a Swimply pool by you and Mountain Mikes Pizza.


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