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  • Melody K

Make your next swim party legendary with Swimply. "The Airbnb of Swimming Pools"

Don't have a pool? No worries, Swimply is the Airbnb for pools. This past week we were invited to The Mommy Blogger Tribe Annual end-of-summer pool party with Swimply. #hosted

We had fun listening to music (by a fabulous DJ), splashing around, playing with Stomp Rockets (provided by @originalstomprocket),

talking, laughing, enjoying snacks (by @gogosqueez), and eating pizza supplied by @quilesinsuranceagency.

It was one of those days you didn't want to end.

The pool was gorgeous, and the backyard had plenty of room. This pool's location is in La Habra, Cal. and was very private.

I am thinking of renting it for my family and some friends to enjoy before the summer ends.

I have never been disappointed with Swimply pools. Last year for The Mommy Blogger Tribe's first swim party, I was blown away by the pool and all it had to offer; this particular backyard had a playset for the kids.

I had my son's birthday party a few months ago and rented a pool through Swimply. The pool was so nice it even had a slide. Most pools have a spa, thats where my little one loves to hang out.

When I first heard of Swimply, I thought, what about a restroom? Don't worry; all pools have bathroom access of some type. It depends on what pool you rent. Some have a bathroom outside of the house. Some have it where you can use the restroom in the house.

It's so easy to rent a pool: plus, I have a discount code for you

  • Code "plus15" to get 15% off your booking

1. Download the Swimply app.

2. Search for a pool in your area or whatever area you want with the date you had in mind

3. Once you have located the pool you want, send the request.

4. Once it gets confirmed, confirm it.

Note: You will only be charged for the pool you confirm.

Pools with the stopwatch icon can be booked instantly.

5. Upon confirmation, you will have access to everything you need to know, including address, access instructions, WiFi details, and more.

5) Now, you can Chat with the host and ask any questions.

5) Enjoy and have fun


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