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  • Melody K

Our visit to the Aquarium of the Pacific ~ Explored the new Pacific Visions Wing

It was a great day at the Aquarium of the Pacific on Thursday 8/22/2019.

It was a day of enchantment and delight. The Aquarium offers so much to see and do. Lots of hands-on for kids and adults.

My youngest was so happy to be there and he did have to wear his headphones all-day, but he loved it. He loved watching the fish and enjoyed all the colors and the tanks. From small fish to big fish, to all the water animals, he was amazed. If he could, he would step right inside the tanks and swim with them.

My little guy sat by the tanks, he jumped up and down and squealed in excitement. If I could only capture that happiness and market it for all the world to experience. (see the video below)

Even though we did not get a chance to view the Lorikeet Forest,

we heard from others how amazing it was and how beautiful the birds are.

Visting this exhibit will be on our list of first stops on our next visit.

Nicole Monteleone (Macaroni Kid Fontana)

We did visit the Ray Touch Pool. My boys were not too sure about this one and just stood and watched them swim around.

We also visited the new wing, Pacific Visions and explored it. It was truly amazing.

"The new wing opened May 24, 2019, and features interactive exhibitions, the state-of-the-art immersive Honda Pacific Visions Theater, an art gallery that transports visitors under the ocean, and live animal exhibits ."

"Pacific Visions cutting-edge technology and multisensory effects will enhance the experience. All aspects of the new wing are meant to drive home the message that through creativity, innovation, and willingness to explore and accept new ideas, humans can create a better planet right here on Earth. "

"Once seated in the 300-seat Honda Pacific Visions Theater, visitors will be immersed in Designing Our Future, an 8-minute multisensory experience that includes stunning high-resolution views projected on a 130-foot-wide by 32-foot-tall screen that curves in a 180-degree arc and a 36-foot-wide floor projection disc. The show also engages the senses through fog, wind, scent, strobe lights, and seat vibration. The show was developed by the Aquarium and the multimedia design firm Cortina Productions in partnership with leading scientists, filmmakers, storytellers, and digital artists. "

Pacific Visions is an exhibit you would most definitely want to visit.

The Aquarium offers so much and many exhibits :

We are definitely will be going back soon since we were not able to see it all in one day. We went on a harbor Cruise too.

What we did visit we enjoyed, and the boys had a wonderful time. Electronics, what electronics? Not once did they ask for their Ipad or cell phone, they were so enthralled and emersed in all the beauty and wonder the Aquarium offered.

As I mentioned, we took a Harbor cruise ride. It was a first for all of us. It was a beautiful day. It couldn't have been more perfect. The cruise was about 45 minutes, and my boys did great. I was worried about them. My oldest behaved and did not run around. My youngest was a little squirmish, but he enjoyed it so much.

I did have to hold onto him every moment though. I think he would have loved to go for a swim. I was not going to take that chance. The 45 minutes just seemed to fly by, and we all enjoyed it.

Thank you to the Aquarium and the PR Team for the gracious invite to the Aquarium of the Pacific.


Claire Atkinson, senior manager of communications, Aquarium of the Pacific

Marilyn Padilla, director of public relations, Aquarium of the Pacific


Nicole Sarmiento, media relations coordinator, Aquarium of the Pacific


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