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Our wonderful stay at the Howard Johnson (HOJO) Anaheim Hotel

I'm sure you wonder like I do, "Where should we go on our next vacation?" I think about where we should go, what we should do, what area we should head off to for an adventure.

Though I wasn't even thinking about a vacation, not even a mini one at this time, somehow one fell into place for us at the Howard Johnson Anaheim and Water Playground.

Located at:

1380 S. Harbor Blvd

Anaheim, CA. 92802

A while back, I had bought tickets to Disneyland and made a reservation for June 1st. Although I was excited to get the tickets, I didn't think it through.

I had read where the tram from the parking garage wasn't working, which meant walking to Disneyland from the parking structure, and after a long day, we had to walk back. That task with two autistic boys filled me with some anxiety. Plus, I also read to get to the parking structure early to line up before it even opens because it gets so crowded.

I was letting the fear and anxiety fill my soul and letting it get the best of me, and I almost just canceled for that day.

I said a prayer and said," God help me with this one." Little did I know that prayer I just said would be answered beyond anything I could imagine.

Out of the blue came an invite from The Mommy Blogger Tribe for The Mommy Blogger Tribe Exclusive Event to stay at the Howard Johnson Hotel in Anaheim for the dates of May 31st to June 2nd.

Of course, I jumped at the chance and RSVP'd yes

Note: It was a great pleasure to stay at @hojoanaheim with the

@iemommybloggertribe and the rest of our SoCal Tribes for a @themommybloggertribe Exclusive Event

I knew the hotel was right by Disneyland. I had no idea it was right across the street from Disneyland until I checked in. I asked the girl at check-in, "Could we walk to Disneyland?" and she replied with the biggest smile, "You sure can." Wait, what!! I think I heard the angels singing, or it was me jumping up and down doing a happy dance in my head. Knowing the parking structure nightmare was behind me.

Days leading up to our stay at Howard Johnson Hotel, my panic rose. We can't stay in a hotel room with just one room! Every time we book a hotel room, we get one with two rooms or a suite. So there is nowhere to go when a meltdown occurs or a break is needed with two boys on the spectrum in one room.

I kept reaching out to the hotel to see if they had a suite available or a larger room, but the answer kept coming back, I'm sorry, there are no open larger rooms.

I almost canceled as I thought of the nightmare this would be with my two boys in a one-room hotel. But time got away from me, and I never canceled and before I knew it, the day was here to leave.

I threw caution to the wind, and what will be, will be. Plus, it wasn't that

far from home, and if need be, we could always cut the visit short and go home.

It took us forever; it seemed to pack and set out for our two-day mini vacation. The boys were so excited. I had them dress in their bathing suits. I had made a reservation at 3 pm for the pool and 5:30 pm for the Water Cove.

Finally, we arrived at the beautiful Howard Johnson Hotel, and as I was checking in, I knew that our stay would be fantastic. The girl that checked us in was so wonderfully kind and patient. As she was making our room keys for a room in the newly remodeled retro building 2, she handed me a gift bag from the Mommy Blogger Tribe, filled with products from some fantastic sponsors.

Building 2 was in the back and as we made our way back to the building, we couldn't help notice all the beautiful decor and the lovely grounds the hotel had to offer.

We were on the 3rd floor and semi overlooked the pool. (We were in a corner room, which I couldn't be more than happy.)

I opened the door to our room and couldn't believe how spacious and open our room was. I thought to myself; this could work with all of us. There's elbow room! Plus, the closet was perfect for my little guy to go and get some downtime and be alone.

We were able to check in a little early, which was perfect. We got settled into our room then headed down to the pool by 3 pm. Due to safety and covid regulations, the pool and The Cove needed reservations. The allotted time is a two-hour window.

The kids enjoyed the pool. They swam and played. It was nice to see all the other mommy bloggers hanging out with their families too.

The Castaway Cove Water Playground is a magical place for your whole crew to play together. My boys ran around, splashed, and had a great time. The jacuzzi is to be reserved when you enter through the gate. The reservation is for 15 minutes. It was so nice to sit and relax in the cool evening air—what a way to end a perfect day.

The next day was our Disneyland day adventure. We headed out early, and it was only a 7-minute leisurely walk! Oh, how nice it was to be at Disneyland again.

During the day, the heat was a little too much for us. If we had to park in the parking garage, we would have left for the day. Instead, though having a hotel room at Howard Johnson, we just walked back and took a much-needed rest. We headed back to Disneyland as the cool night air was taking the place of a hot afternoon.

A perfect Mickey Mouse Day.

The following day, we had pool reservations again, and the kids enjoyed a little more fun before we left.

Staying at the Howard Johnson Hotel was one of the best Mini Vacations. To think how it all just came together was a blessing from above.

Call Howard Johnson today and enjoy all the hotel has to offer. Even if you don't go to Disneyland, you can spend the days at the hotel with the amenities it provides and the restaurants nearby.

I can't believe I worried about this vacation and how things would go. We ended up not wanting to leave.

We are already planning our next visit.

Are you ready to book? Here's a great discount for you Click this link and input the code below

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* Once you book a room, book your reservation for the pool and The Cove

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  • Walk to the Disneyland® Resort in 8-minutes! No need for costly shuttles or lost time at the parks. Come back for a nap or a swim.

Thank you to @hojoanaheim for hosting this exclusive event for the

@iemommybloggertribe and the rest of our SoCal Tribes.

Thank you to our wonderful sponsors:

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And of course, a great big thank you to @hojoanaheim for hosting us.

A wonderful place to play all day and sleep like a king at night


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