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  • Melody K

Review of Pretend City's New Music Room

Updated: Jun 12, 2019

It had been a while since I had been to pretend city Irvine. I had taken my boys years ago. In fact, my oldest one didn't even remember ever going. That's how long it's been.

I forgot how amazing that place is for children.

We were invited to the opening of the new music room, and I am so grateful that we were.

My youngest fell in love with it, he adores music. We spent so much time in the music room even though there was so much to do on the outside of this room.

My oldest one wanted to explore more while my youngest was perfectly content in the music room. He enjoyed playing and exploring with the instruments.

He was himself in his world.

We eventually ventured out of the room and explored all that Pretend City had to offer.

They have so many rooms with so much pretend of real life. Though after each room we explored my little one would run, and I mean run, back to the music room. I sure got my miles in on this day.

The excitement and fun that my boys had on this day is a day to remember.

The smiles and the laughter is something this mama loves seeing on her boys.

Pretend City is located at

29 Hubble Irvine, California 92618

It is worth whatever distance you may be coming.

It is definitely a sensory-based environment and perfect for any child on or off the spectrum.

One of my boys did wear his headphones the entire time.

Pretend City does offer an autism night every last Monday of the month

This is a free event, but it's a must to register at

Favorite rooms:

I personally loved the library room, we sat and read a book.

My 12-year-old loves everything, he stated.

My youngest, well you can pretty much guess. He loved the music room and all the instruments that were there to play.

Honestly, I really don't know how I got them to leave,

oh yes, we ended our visit with a treat.

It was a great day at Pretend City, my guys are asking me to go again.


What makes Pretend City different from other play places? Pretend City is an educational nonprofit children's museum. Our museum exhibits were created to foster a better brain through "pretend play." Half of children in Orange County are NOT prepared for kindergarten. The areas that children struggle the most in is social-emotional development & gross motor skills. This means that kids in today's age are finding it more difficult to talk to other children, empathize, and struggling to express emotion. They are also having trouble in gross motor development - meaning trouble walking up stairs, muscle growth etc. That's a reason that we built a child size stair-case in the Museum. Pretend City is NOT a playground. We are designed to be an educational experience. Our staff is comprised of retired and future educators.


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