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  • Melody K

The Mexico Café in Temecula is a Great Place for Food, Drinks and a Fun Time

When the IE Mommy Blogger tribe said we were invited to The Mexico Café in Temecula, I said, "Oh, I'm there."

I could never pass up Mexican food. It's one of my weaknesses. How could one pass up great food, a beautiful atmosphere, great drinks, and fantastic company?

It had been a while since I'd been out with the girls. I kept saying to my husband I needed a break. I need some downtime. I have been going and going. It's been one activity after another with the kids. I didn't realize how many fall/pumpkin/Halloween events that are out there.

I would not miss this chance to have some downtime and not worry about someone's iPad that isn't working.

When I pulled up to The Mexico Café, I was blown away by how big the restaurant was. When I hear the word café, I think of some small, out-of-the-way place. This restaurant was right off the street, and I saw it before my GPS said, "You have arrived."

As I entered through the grand door into a large foyer, you could not help notice the large open space, plenty of waiting area, the high ceiling, paintings on the walls, and friendly smiles. I knew I was in for a great evening.

A few moments after we sat at our table, the waiter brought us chips and salsa. The chips were crisp, and I couldn't stop at one. But then who could when they taste that good.

Talking about salsa, we not only had the salsa they first placed on our table, but we also were offered the off-menu salsas.

Sharon's Salsa - Red pepper Gringo - Roasted jalapeño and yellow Chile La Roja - Serrano Pepper.

If you like flavor and some spice, these salsas are for you. This girl here loves her spicy food. To go with our chip and salsa, of course, we had to have some Guacamole. I could have eaten the whole thing, yes that good.

Did someone say drinks!! Right now, they have two specialty Halloween drinks. You know we had to try them. If I didn't have a bit of a drive home, I would have ordered another one. There's nothing like a drink with an eyeball in to remind you that this is the Halloween season.

After a bit of talking and checking out the menu, it was time to order.

Everything sounded so deliciously good. I finally decided to have the Lobster enchiladas. They were heavenly. Or should I say they were lobstery good (is that even a word)?

finished them and cleared my plate. You would, too, if you tasted this flavorful, just the right amount of spice enchiladas.

I was stuffed, but honestly, I could have ordered dessert, but I didn't.

From the chips/salsa/guacamole to the refreshing Halloween drink to the lobster enchiladas, I bet dessert would have been off the charts like everything else.

If you aren't in that surrounding area, let me tell you it's worth the drive.

It's a perfect date place, a family night out, or get-together with the girls.

I am still relishing about the evening we had. The awesome food, the laughs we shared and that dinosaur walking around made our night, plus our waiter was the nicest guy!

Go out, have yourself a blast, enjoy good food and drinks at the Mexico Café Temecula.

Mexico café:

If you go, you will have to tell me what you order. I'm stuck on those Lobster enchiladas; I want to go back for more.


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