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  • Melody K

There is so much more behind that Image

There is so much more behind a picture. Have you ever looked at Facebook or Instagram and thought about someone and think, they sure do a lot of things or they look so happy.

If you looked at images of my family, you might think that. I will admit I'm a "social junkie." I love posting pictures of our family about our life and sharing with friends and family. Though, one person brought it to my attention that we look so happy, and we are doing so many great things. They were in awe of my family.

I took a step back in shock and gathered my thoughts and said, "Don't let that smile fool you!"

Many people don't realize what transpires before pictures are taken and posted. Honestly, that could have been the 120th snapshot of that moment.

Behind those smiles and the "perfect" shot is a different story. We have our moments of fun, but what you don't see is the kids having meltdowns, being overstimulated, or a mom that sits down and weeps saying she can't do this anymore.

Next time when looking at Facebook pictures, don't think it’s all glam and glitz for anyone.

 It's a whirlwind of hit and misses, breakdowns, smiles, laughs, screaming, fighting, attitudes, and chaos.

I capture the smiles, the laughs, and the good times, but it doesn't mean that we are a perfect family.  Sometimes we have to look behind the Facebook, Twitter, Instagram post to understand there's more behind that smile. With two autism boys from morning to night, life is so much more chaotic than a perfect picture on Facebook.


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