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  • Melody K

We are Living in the Electronic World

We are living in the electronic world. How I do raise my kids in a world I know of that no longer exists? I've raised four kids, in a world that I knew. Years later I’m blessed with two autistic boys.

It’s different being in the autism world, though now it's also a world where electronic devices cell phones, PCs, IPAD tablets and so on are out there.

Screen time takes the place of friendships, playing outside, social interaction, mealtime (If it was allowed).

The choice of some kids these days would be to play online rather than spend quality time with family. The addiction is real, and it's not easy to say get off electronics without tears and a breakdown.

Some kids' minds (like my oldest) gaming is all he thinks about, and actual real playtime turns into acting/playing out computer games.

We live in a busy world, and it seems like I'm non-stop these days. I have caught myself many times, saying, "Here go on the IPAD for a few minutes, so I can get something done." That easy way out just stole from family time and may have stolen some cuddle time too.

We all know when it comes to electronics, it's never only a few minutes. I had no idea on how to raise kids in the autism world and even less of an idea of how to raise them in the electronic world.

I still want that life for my kids to play outside, having friends over, talking on the phone, waiting for snail mail.

Who knows if what I am doing is right in these worlds that are unfamiliar to me. I pray that my boys grow up to be awesome adults and say one day, "I had a great childhood, Thanks mom.” As I do.


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