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The Best Lunch can be Found at Chef's Grille Murrietta

Who could resist an afternoon of good food, drinks, and great company? Not me? A week ago Saturday, I was invited to an all-exclusive event that the IE Mommy Blogger tribe put on.

Now, this is just Part One of our afternoon. You could find part two of our day here.

We met at Chef's Grille in Murrieta, (24660 Jefferson Ave Ste b) From the moment I walked up to the door, friendly faces and hellos from the staff and the mommy bloggers greeted me. Our table was decorated beautifully and was so inviting. Next to our place setting was a swag bag filled with fantastic items from some wonderful sponsors.

*(I'll mention all the fantastic swag at the end of this post.)

As we sat down and got settled, we order Sangrias. The choices of Sangria were red, rose, or white. I ordered a white. Ok, I have to admit I'm not much of a Sangria drinker, but I thought I would give it a try. That try turned into two Sangrias during the event. It was delightfully refreshing, and my whole attitude about Sangrias changed.

The food was delicious! I couldn't wait to dive in and try each and every one of the dishes they brought out. I could end this article right here, hoping you would take my word, but I have to share the mouth-watering, drooling pictures I took. Now try and not to lick the screen.

My palet was so happy. The textures and the tastes were superb.


Popeye's Day Out

spinach & mixed greens topped with grilled chicken breast, strawberries and candied pecans served with apple vinaigrette


The "Grille" Poutine

fries topped with savory poutine gravy and cheddar cheese curds

add pulled pork +$ add tri-tip +$ add egg +$

Pork-A-Dilla roast pork, cheddar, smoked gouda, caramelized onions & roasted red peppers served with classic red bbq sauce


griddled portobello mushroom, smoked gouda, cheddar, roasted red peppers and caramelized onion served with classic red bbq sauce

Main Dishes:

Adult Mac n' Cheese

pasta with smoked four-cheese sauce topped with pulled pork and bacon

Porky's Revenge

slow-roasted pork, caramelized onions, cheddar and red bbq sauce on griddle toasted ciabatta

The "Grille" Salmon Piccatasauteed salmon with lemon, capers, white wine and garlic sauce served with lemon orzo and chef's veggies

The "Grille" Chicken Piccata

sauteed chicken breast with lemon, capers, white wine and garlic sauce served with lemon orzo and chef's veggies

When I was asked, well, what was your favorite? Do I have to choose, I thought? Each one was different from the other, and each flavor was tantalizing, tasting on the tastebuds, wow that was a mouth full. But if I had to choose, I would say Mac in Cheese with Bacon, comfort with love. (bacon = yum).

We also tasted two desserts.

Bread Pudding

Chocolate Cake

I'm not a bread pudding kind of person, but after tasting this dessert, I am now. Just like the Sangria, they have changed my mind about these items, (and that's not easy to do)

Of course, the chocolate cake won my heart. I'm a big chocolate fan.

I am looking forward to going back and taking my family to enjoy this delicious food. Though this time, I won't just be tasting that chocolate cake; I'll be eating the whole thing without sharing!

If you are ever close to Mueritta or even an hour away or more, it is worth it.

Please check out the Chef's Grille and tell them The IE Mommy Blogger tribe sent you!

Thank you, Chef's Grille, for hosting us.

24660 Jefferson Ave Ste b, Murrieta, CA 92562

*Thank you to all our Sponsors that provided items for our swag bags.

1. soap

2. mug straws snowglobe

3. straw topper

4. scone

5. bows

6. stickers


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