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  • Melody K

May all your Donuts Dreams come true with CrayNut Donuts Murrietta

A week ago Saturday, I was invited to an all-exclusive event that the IE Mommy Blogger tribe put on.

Now, this is part two of our afternoon adventure. Here is part One

Hold onto your donuts and let me tell you all about CrayNuts Donuts

After an amazing tasting event at The Chef's Grille, we headed over to CrayNut Donuts, 29910 Murrieta Hot Springs Rd Ste H, Murrieta, CA 92563.

Now, this isn't just your "ordinary" donut shop, no way no how. If you ever had a fresh-baked right out of the fryer donut and LOVED it, this place is for you. How could you resist a freshly made donut with the topping of your choosing?

CrayNut Donuts is a place that makes HOT, MADE-TO-ORDER DONUTS!

Sounds like an amazing place, right? well, it is.

I don't think I could ever walk into a donut shop again unless it is Craynuts donuts.

1) Pick your glaze

2) Pick your topping

3) Pick the drizzle Flavor

The creations are endless


They also can make you a coffee, hot or iced, a flavored can be added if you choose.

Store Hours:

Mon-Sat 7am - 8pm

Sun 7am - 6pm

Give Craynuts donuts a try and left them make all of your sweetest dreams come true

Thank you CrayNut donuts for hosting the IE Mommy Blogger Tribe

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